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 Jam sessions


The Dunedin Jazz Club has partnered with the University of Otago to host fortnightly jam sessions on a Tuesday night at Ubar to allow young jazz musicians to develop their talent. The aim of these sessions is to encourage musicians from diverse backgrounds to participate in the making of jazz and refine their craft.


The jam nights are hosted by players from the Dunedin Youth Jazz Orchestra, including Erik Dekker (drums), Jakira Brophy (bass) and Matthew Tait (piano). The first hour will feature a house band before guest musicians are invited to join the stage. From week to week, various genres of jazz will be explored, such as Funk, Soul, Blues and Bebop, and the hosts will publish lists of repertoire for players to study.


All young musicians over the age of 18 are invited to perform at the jam nights. The jam session starts at 8pm and interested players should register with the hosts at the beginning of the night to secure a performance slot. 


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